MADMIA x JoJo Siwa Socks – A Match Made in Heaven

Are you a sock lover? Do you like to doll yourselves up with crazy, fun Jojo socks that complement your outfit? Then, this is good news for you! Inspired by a few of JoJo’s most favourite things, Madmia has teamed up with Jojo Siwa to bring you the most amazing JoJo Siwa socks you've ever seen. Our new collection includes JoJo Siwa’s bestie BowBow, Siwanator socks, JoJo bow socks, peace love music socks, and more.

If you are a Siwanator, you’ll literally dance in them, wear to the shops or the next JoJo Siwa concert, and you’ll never regret your choice. So, here are a few tips on how you can pair your favourite Jojo socks with your outfit.

Jojo Socks for a Bold Look

Jojo Socks are for people who aren’t afraid to have all eye on them. A pair of jojo socks in bold colours and fun patterns can be an absolute choice to show off that crazy side of you. When wearing Jojo and Madmia socks in bold colours, and patterns, try to choose tops and bottoms that are neutral in colour, so your outfit doesn’t look too loud. These pair of novelty socks can give a fun, unique look.

Wear It Over a Pair of Tights

You can easily pair your Jojo Siwa socks with tights to create a contemporary look. Choose a simple pair of tights and go with a patterned set of Jojo socks to create a unique style.

Avoid Clashing Patterns

Avoid wearing jojo socks with pants or skirts that have a pattern in it. The look will be too distracting and painful for the eyes. So, pair your crazy, patterned socks with an outfit that has fewer details to keep it look more appealing.

Contrast Your Socks

As mentioned earlier, choosing Jojo Siwa socks work well, when your outfit is more muted. You can wear JoJo bow socks with a charcoal grey suit to provide an exciting pop of colour to your outfit.

Concentrate on Pocket Square and Tie

For a more complementary look, you can consider paring your Jojo socks with your tie or pocket square. You can match the colour of your socks to the tie or match the pattern of your socks to create a decent look that’s much appreciated by all.

Pair It with Heels

Yes, you heard it right! You can pair your jojo socks with heels to create a fantastic fashion statement and an excellent way to match the rest of your outfit with a little bit of colour. It really works wonders and adds a modern feel to your outfit.

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