Collection: Kids Socks

The Kids Socks that make you Smile

MADMIA are a unique Australian brand who offer socks for girls, cool socks for boys and a variety of silly socks for kids ...

The Kids Socks that make you Smile

MADMIA are a unique Australian brand who offer socks for girls, cool socks for boys and a variety of silly socks for kids

The brand sparkles and shines like the stars. Kids and adults alike adore the product. We offer Kids Christmas Socks, Kids Knee Socks and long socks for kids of every variety. Whether you like rainbows, kangaroos, robots or ALL THREE. MADMIA Has you covered. Your daughter or son will love the range of patterns and collections we have of cool kids socks


I am looking to buy Bunny Socks. Will I get the same colour and fabric as I see on my monitor?

Every monitor will display colour differently. There are a wild variety of thousands of colours online. It is important to remember that colours can differ from screen to screen, when displaying our fun kids socks. One good trick is to change the saturation, brightness and display settings, or look at the product on different devices. We promise great quality in our kids socks and vibrant colour, however we cannot assure that the crazy kids socks that you order will be an exact match of what you see on your screen.

Do you offer any Free Products?

 Apologies, we unfortunately are unable to send any free products of our crazy kids socks. Alternatively, our long socks for kids are very reasonable and within an affordable price range, which you can buy. If you do order some fun socks for kids and you are displeased with them, you are welcome to return them to us to claim a refund within 30 days of purchase, providing they are in the original packaging and condition. Whilst our original office is in Sydney, Australia- 127 Bay Street Botany 2019 we also have a headquarters and warehouse in the UK, England in which we stock childrens socks.

Where could I wear these Socks?

These fun kid’s socks are highly transferable and wearable on any occasion. You could wear them at the park, to a party, to the shops, to the cinema or even beneath an outfit if your kid is looking for an extra confidence boost with our kids silly socks. Once your child has worn these socks once, we can’t promise that they will want to take them off! The socks are fun and versatile, durable and suitable for all climates, rain or shine, and any occasions. Your child could absolutely wear these sassy socks under their school uniform, be that our girl’s frilly socksPiggy Socks, Bunny Socks, Unicorn socks, Cheetah Socks, Tribal Socks, Funky Socks, Disco dance Socks and a whole lot more.  This is suitable within the UK, and across the globe in Australasia.

What are these socks made of?

MADMIA’s kid’s novelty socks are of the highest quality. They are created using 70% natural fibre. This means they will be suitable for the most children with sensitive skin and are very safe for kids to wear.  Our MADMIA Kids Knee socks are shiny and soft which makes them comfortable for kids to wear.

Comfortable and super cute Children’s Novelty Socks


These fun kid’s socks are the perfect gift or treat. It will make any child dazzle and shine and is a really great option as a cool gift for girls or as kids Christmas socks. The most popular long socks for kids have ears and pom poms. These suit any children from 6+ and offer luxury and style

If your child has a flare for exploring, we offer Safari Socks. These combine lots of animals. From Zebra print socks to Cheetah print socks, we offer socks for any crazy safari adventure. This, combined with the shoelace print in yellow or pink, is the perfect design for an adventure fuelled young person. 

If your child loves fun bright and silly colours, and you want to match with them, we also offer adults socks. This could display a family’s whacky individuality and liven up your outfit. Childrens novelty socks will always be a crowd pleaser and complement one another.

If it sounds like these silly socks for kids and adults would suit you then have a browse through all of the collections to find one that is perfectly suited to your tastes and interests. When you choose these crazy socks for kids you will find an option perfect for you.